What is important to us at Motordrive Seats?

Quite simply you – from the outset the focus at Motordrive Seats has been the safety and comfort of competitors.

Motordrive competition seats for motorsport are built in the UK delivering you the highest quality seats and the assurance that every seat is manufactured to meet FIA safety standards.

  • we help you to choose a seat design that is right for your shape and size and also right for your car. 
  • we pad the seat to fit your body so that it will hold you safely and comfortably.  If you do not fit your seat you are not safe!
  • we believe that you will perform at your best and enjoy your motorsport if you are comfortable in your seat.
  • we offer personalisation of your seat shell and cover.
  • the Motordrive team are highly experienced in motorsport and seat safety.
  • Motordrive lead the field in FIA8862-2009 seats homologated to the highest FIA safety standard.  They are the only manufacturer in the world to offer both 4 and 6 point mounted FIA8862-2009 seats and the only UK company to manufacture a full FIA8862-2009 10 year seat homologated for Race and Rally. Take a look at our MD seat range.

Please take a look at our seat range and contact us for no fuss professional advice or to place an order.

How long has motordrive been making seats?

Motordrive was founded over 30 years ago by Allan, a competitor who realised that the safety and comfort of the seats he was using were not up to the standard they should be.

Not being afraid of a challenge Allan decided to develop and manufacture a composite seat for himself  – and from those humble beginnings Motordrive was born!

Pretty soon Motordrive was making FIA approved competition seats in composite and carbon for competitors the world over; from rally champions such as Carlos Saints and Luis Moya, to club enthusiast. To this day Motordrive continues to produce safe, comfortable and affordable seats which are shipped across the world and serve both rally and circuit.

Who am I dealing with at Motordrive Seats?

Motordrive remains a privately owned company.

In October 2014 the Motordrive brand was acquired by Darren Meadows (himself a motorsport competitor).  Darren’s enthusiasm and energy for motorsport and competition seating has already delivered exciting developments at Motordrive and the ethos is clear –  safety, style and comfort without compromise.

Darren and his team ensure that every seat is manufactured with attention to detail and that motordrive offer the highest standards of customer service.

Customers are offered advice on selecting seats and can choose bespoke finishes such as personal embroidery to have a truly individual seat.

What is especially important at Motordrive is that we offer a seat fitting service, whether in person or by phone/e-mail, to ensure the customer will have the best fitting seat possible. Customers fitted to their Motordrive seat will feel the difference in terms of comfort and protection.

Darren recognises that safety and innovation in motorsport are key and motordrive continually tests existing seats and new designs to offer motordrive seats that are the best that they can be.  The FIA approval of the FIA8862-2009 MD seat range is testament to the capabilities of the team at motordrive and they are justly proud of their ability to deliver, with confidence, competition seats to every level of motorsport.

Whilst staying true to its heritage the business is being driven forward in the way you would expect from a privately owned British firm with a lot of pride and a big presence in the world of competition seating.

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