Motordrive was founded over 30 years ago by an international rally competitor who realised that the safety and comfort of the seats he was using was not up to the standard it should be.

On too many occasions he had climbed out of a rally car with back pain and witnessed at first-hand accidents where competitors were injured due to poorly constructed, cheap seats.

Not being afraid of a challenge he decided to develop and manufacture a composite seat for himself that would be both safe and comfortable. He was successful and from then on he took his seat with him whenever he was competing. Fellow competitors would ask to try his seat and once they had, would ask for one of their own – and from those humble beginnings Motordrive was born!

Pretty soon Motordrive was making FIA approved competition seats in composite and carbon for competitors the world over; from rally champions such as Carlos Saints and Luis Moya, to club enthusiast. To this day Motordrive continues to produce safe, comfortable and affordable seats which are shipped across the world and serve both rally and circuit.

In October 2014 Darren Meadows, himself a motorsport competitor, acquired Motordrive and he continues to follow the ethos of delivering safety, style and comfort without compromise.

To ensure standards are high, every Motordrive seat is built in the UK with attention to quality, detail and bespoke finishes that are matched to the individual customer’s needs.

What is especially important at Motordrive is they offer a seat fitting service, whether in person or by phone/e-mail, to ensure the customer will have the best fitting seat possible. Customers fitted to their Motordrive seat will feel the difference in terms of comfort and protection.

Innovation in motorsport is key and Motordrive is proud of its developments in ergonomic winged seats and coloured shells.

What is set to be Motordrive’s biggest achievement to date is its 10 year 8862-2009 MD10 seat; this will be a market leading seat in all respects and was launched at the Professional Motorsport World Expo show in November 2016.

Whilst staying true to its heritage the business is being driven forward in the way you would expect from a privately owned British firm with a lot of pride and a big presence in the world of competition seating.