The lightweight and washable Motordrive Dakar cushion is all about comfort and performance.

It is a leading edge energy absorbing, breathable seat pad made from aerospace honeycomb thermoplastic and is already being used by fighter pilots in the US air force and on First Class seats on the Dreamliner aircraft.

The innovative honeycomb flexes with your body, lets air flow to keep you cool and absorbs shocks.

The flexible cellular matrix structure of the honeycomb consists of alternate thick and thin walled cells that flex when compressed to relieve pressure. When compressed the cells radiate outwards to surround and support the body, intelligently self-adjusting and stimulating capillary action therefore enhancing blood flow.

A unique ventilation system is created by tiny perforations in the cell walls allowing air to circulate both horizontally and vertically.

We can offer the Dakar cushion in any of our Motordrive seats. Some people simply want this level of comfort and performance every time they race, some customers choose it because they have had injuries and need maximum cushioning, however this is now the ‘must have’ product for endurance racing (and hence its name).

We also offer a service to pad the whole of the seat in honeycomb.

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