Why Buy a motordrive competition seat?
AAll motordrive competition seats have been tested to meet FIA homologation standards and to ensure your safety. At Motordrive we offer a fitting service to ensure that your seat will be the right size for you and therefore that you will be both safe and comfortable. We also offer you the option of personalising your seat and are the only manufacturer to offer a two year seat life extension (see below).  Service|Safety|Style is what we are about at Motordrive.
How do I know what size of seat will best fit me?
AYou can either, complete our seat sizing form and send it back to us, we will then be able to tell you which seat size you require. alternatively you can visit our showroom for a seat fitting and have a seat fitted to your specific requirements.
Which seat design will fit in may car?
AWe can provide you with seat measurements for all our designs and sizes.
Which seat design should I choose?
AYou can choose from our Pro, Race or Endurance Range. Our Race and Endurance seats have built in head protection, and our  Pro Range can be fitted with a bolt on head protection so the choice is entirely down to your personal preference.  What is important is to check that your preferred seat will fit in your car.  This is something we can advise on but ultimately is your responsibility and we can issue you with seat shell sizes or send you out a test shell for trial fit.
Where are motordrive seats manufactured?
AEvery aspect of a motordrive seat is manufactured in Lancashire. Buy British, and sit in the winning seat.
Why can Motordrive offer up to 8 years seat life?
AAny FIA 8855-2009 competition seat has 5 years life from the end of the year of manufacture.  Motordrive however are the only manufacturer to offer an extension of 2 years.  This extension is subject to seat inspection and a fee.  So if you buy a seat in January you’ll get an initial 6 year’s life and then if you choose to use the re-homologation service you’ll get an extra 2 years taking you to 8 year’s seat life. Only at Motordrive!
How do I get my seat life extended?
AYou can have the life of your seats extended only once and for a maximum of two years additional life.  This service is provided whilst FIA regulations allow, is subject to the seats being returned to Motordrive for inspection and there is a fee is charged for this work.  Motordrive are the only manufacturer to offer this service.  If you wish to consider this option or have any questions please have your seat serial numbers to hand (off the label on the seat) and call us on 01772 624024 or email info@motordrive.com
How do I know when my seat life expires?
AYour white seat label will show you either a ‘manufactured date’ or a ‘valid until’ date.  Seats manufactured in 2012 and 2013 have 5 years life from the month of manufacture (so the date runs to a month and year).  Seats manufactured from 2014 onwards are valid until the end of the calendar year stated on the label.
Can I buy through a web-shop?
AWe prefer not to offer ‘click and buy’. At Motordrive we like to advise you on the best seat for you and your car and then make it bespoke for you. We can do this through conversation and email or through a visit to our showroom (or dealer if you’re in South Wales or Ireland).  We are all so different in our shapes and sizes it pays to check before you buy to make sure you’ll be safe and comfortable.  Don’t compromise, please give us a call on 01772 624024 or email info@motordrive.com and we’ll help you select the perfect seat. Service|Safety|Style
Do you have dealers?
AWe don’t use a dealer network as such however we appreciate that you may not live close to our base in the North-West and may want to sit in our seats first, so we have show seats with West Wales Rally Spares in South Wales and with C Bradley Motorsport our agent in Ireland.



    When you buy a motordrive seat the only limit is your imagination. All our seats and designs come in either Composite, Kevlar or Carbon. You can choose any  colour of seat to match that of your car or sponsor. Have a look at some of our customers seats for ideas.


    Your seat can have any colour of embroidery to match your car, sponsors logos, manufacturers logos or your name, remember this is your seat built for YOU.


    FIA regulations allow the seat life to be extended a further 2 years from the original expiry date. A seat is originally valid for 5 years from the end of the year of manufacture and so will have a minimum 5 year life and a maximum 6 year life. On expiry, bring your seat back to motordrive where we will check your seat and, if we are satisfied the seat has not been damaged, will extend the seat for a further 2 years (charges apply). In this way you can enjoy up to 8 years’ life on a motordrive seat.

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