Motordrive is the only UK manufacturer with approval for an FIA 8862-2009 seat for race/rally and was one of the first in the world to offer both 4 point and 6 point mounted FIA8862-2009 seats.

This MD pure carbon ultra-lightweight seat range comprises the MD10, 4 point floor mounted series and the MD 20, 6 point mounted seat

The MD range has a 10 year life, has been tested to the highest FIA seat safety standard and is particularly suited to top tier motorsport and international FIA events.

More details of the MD20 6 point mounted seat will follow but for now you can expect an ultra-light carbon shell weight of 7.4kg and the usual motordrive options of a driver fitting service and personal branding.  Watch this space for further news and look out for its debut in BTCC 2019 with Power Maxed Racing .

What to expect from the MD10 floor mounted seat:

  • FIA 8862-2009 homologated for race & rally
  • Pure carbon
  • 10 years life
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Hans compatible
  • 4 point floor mounts
  • Ergonomic design with bespoke fitting available to match your shape & size
  • 4, 5 or 6 point harness compatible
  • Personalised embroidery and branding options
  • Energy absorbing seat padding
  • UK manufactured

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When designing the MD10 we wanted to create a market leading seat that can be used in the highest forms of motorsport worldwide.

We focussed on optimising safety, weight, comfort and price.

We have delivered a market leading ultra lightweight shell without compromising strength and safety.

The MD10 has passed the highest FIA seat safety standard through rigorous in-house design engineering and quasi-static testing at the FIA approved safety lab at Newton S.r.l. in Milan.

As with any of the Motordrive seat range, the MD10 is offered with individual finishes, including the option of branding to appeal to manufacturers, teams and sponsors or simply to give the personal touch. Quality is to the highest standard in both the shell and the seat upholstery.

The MD10 will be available in various sizes and with a personal fitting service to deliver a seat bespoke to your needs.

Comfort in a Motordrive is achieved through attention to detail in the foaming and fit of the seats. The MD10 comes with adjustable energy absorbing padding.

In our opinion this seat offers the ultimate package from Motordrive – the only UK company to design and manufacture a 10 year fully homologated 8862-2009 seat range.

Safety, Performance, Fit & Style

All Motordrive seats are FIA homologated and are available with custom fit to make sure that your seat is perfect for you – whatever your shape and size.

When choosing any motorsport seat it is vital that you choose a model that fits your size.  If your seat does not fit you then you risk being un-safe and uncomfortable.   This is why at Motordrive we avoid ‘click and buy’ and place emphasis on advice and fitting – we encourage you to talk to our team who are experienced in motorsport and seat safety and can very easily help you make an informed choice or tailor a seat to your needs.

Want to buy now or seek advice? You can either complete our online contact form or simply call us so we can talk through your requirements. Alternatively you can visit us in Leyland for a hands on comprehensive seat fitting .  Our team is friendly and highly experienced in motorsport and seat safety.

We are also very happy to have you and your car visit us if you feel a trial fit of the seat in the car is something you would like.

Want a truly personal seat? The personalisation doesn’t stop with the fit. We offer a range of coloured finishes, both on the shell and on the cover and cushions, and we offer embroidery of names and logos on covers; you can see examples of our ‘art work’ across the website and in our Customer Gallery.

Seat Measurement Form

When deciding which seat is best for you it is vital that you choose a seat that not only fits you but one you are comfortable in. Simply download a Seat Measurement Form, complete with your measurements and return to us and from the information you provide we will be able to tailor a seat to your measurements. Alternatively telephone to arrange a free of charge seat fitting at our showroom in Leyland.