With Motordrive you can have up to 8 years life from your FIA 8855-1999 competition seat

All new FIA 8855-1999 competition seats are given an initial ‘not valid after’ date which will life the seat for 5 years from the end of the year of manufacture.  So for example a seat manufactured in 2017 will be given a ‘not valid after’ date of 2022 and will have a life until the end of December 2022.

Prior to 2014 seats were issued with a month and year of manufacture and the life of the seats was exactly 5 years by month.

Motordrive offer a re-certification service to inspect and re-date expiring Motordrive seats, giving them up to 2 years additional life.

Seats must be returned to Motordrive for inspection and must not have suffered damage or modification.

To their knowledge, Motordrive are the only manufacturer to offer a re-certification service.

Please note all re-certifications are conducted in accordance with strict FIA 8855-1999 seat regulations and fees apply.


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