With Motordrive you can have up to 8 years FIA life from your FIA 8855-1999 competition seat

All new FIA 8855-1999 competition seats are given an initial ‘not valid after’ date which will life the seat, from an FIA regulation perspective, for 5 years from the end of the year of manufacture.  So for example a seat manufactured in 2017 will be given a ‘not valid after’ date of 2022 and will have an FIA life until the end of December 2022.

Prior to 2014 seats were issued with a month and year of manufacture and the FIA life of the seats was exactly 5 years by month.

Motordrive offer a re-certification service to inspect and re-date expiring Motordrive seats, giving them up to 2 years additional FIA life.

Seats must be returned to Motordrive for inspection and must not have suffered damage or modification.

To their knowledge, Motordrive are the only manufacturer to offer a re-certification service.

Please note all re-certifications are conducted in accordance with strict FIA 8855-1999 seat regulations and fees apply.

We adhere to FIA seat safety standards however rules for seat compliance vary across different forms of motorsport and we therefore strongly recommend that you check with your motorsport governing body directly.

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