Stilo DG-30 Digital Intercom – RRP £978.18 (ex VAT)

The world’s first Active Digital professional intercom system that has been used by the WRC Champions VW rally team for the past 2 years. This next generation of Stilo digital intercoms offers a dramatic step forward with its active digital noise cancelling.

Digital, unlike the limited capabilities of old analogue intercoms, in a millisecond can separate the vitally important sound of the drivers voices from the excessive bad noises of the engine, transmissions and road surface. Filtering these distinctive distractions right down vastly improves the more important sound of the communications between the driver and co-driver.

The active digital noise cancelling measure the noise levels coming into the intercom every 5 milliseconds and adjusts the sound relative to the cancelling option selected, and then delivers a boosted co-driver voice with dramatically lowered surround sound into the drivers helmet.

The DG-30 contains 3 components: A remote control panel, a main intercom unit with all intercom circuits and telephone modules and additional cables for main power cables and helmet wiring.

The remote control panel is ergonomically designed and controls the whole the system. Like the our previous top of the range intercom the ST-30, the DG-30 has two separate intercom circuits built inside the main unit, one digital system and a back-up analogue circuit that can instantly be activated with a flick of a switch on top of the main control panel.

The driver and co-driver have individual volume controls but now there are 3 audio quality settings (EQ button) that can adjust the vocal pitch. There is also three separate noise cancelling modes (Dig Button), you can choose between a Mild, Medium and High level of noise cancelling to improve communication in cars with all noise levels.

The built in telephone module allows you to fit a sim card into the main unit, and when you have pre-set three speed dial numbers to the sim you can call directly from the main unit and speak through headsets or the helmets, this only when you are in road mode. When in stage mode the telephone system is off, this allowing uninterrupted communications between the crew.

The main box is designed to be located out of the way allowing you to locate it in a more suitable location. The main unit also has the facility to allow an external radio or MP3 to be connected in road mode, and an output for crew communication for a video camera when in stage mode.

Another new addition of this patented and unbeatable system is an external telephone ariel, this dramatically improves telephone signals improving communication with your crew.

The Stilo Digital Intercom is a whole new world in rally communications.