Our seat mounting frames (sometimes called sub-frames or seat rails) are engineered and manufactured in Lancashire.  We use T6-6082 aluminium for strength and the frame  design, if used correctly, ensures that the seat is angled at the correct position.


The frame is side-mounted consisting of 2 rails and 4 brackets with adjustable settings.  The rails can turn under or out.


We have used the seat mounting frames when testing the seats at the FIA approved test centre and know that they can withstand the stresses required of the FIA 8855-1999 standard.  It is important that you side-mount your Motordrive seat safely and securely as in an incident you need the seat to stay attached to the car.  Please don’t compromise on seat mounting frames as you will be jeopardising your safety.


The seat mounting frames come as standard as plain aluminium however we offer an anodising service.


Frames are not supplied with the seats however can be purchased individually.


Please note that the mounting frame for the MD10 Seat  is supplied with the seat, is of steel fabrication and has been approved as part of the FIA8862-2009 homologation.


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