Stilo Trophy Des Plus – RRP £536.36 (ex VAT)

(Flexible Boom, WRC Electronics)

The Trophy Plus helmet is a fantastic clubman priced helmet but with all the extras as fitted in the more expensive Stilo models, and now homologated to the latest FIA8859-15 and Snell SA2015 safety standard.  For events in Europe the FIA homologations have more priority than Snell, although in the United States Snell is the only recognised standard.

Please note that the previous FIA8858-10 and Snell SA2010 model Trophy Des Plus is still an eligible helmet and currently does not have an expiry date and is eligible for use with a FHR device.

The Trophy Plus is fitted with the superior Stilo WRC electronics and padded ear cups and a flexible metal spiral boom for the microphone, this offering better stability of the microphone unlike our competitors helmets which move constantly.

The electronics in this helmet are the same as in the top end of our range of the WRC and WRC Carbon helmets. WRC electronics give unmatched performance and excellent noise cancelling which makes this helmet suitable for all types of rally cars, and can be connected to non Stilo intercoms using one of our conversion cables available as an extra.

The Trophy Plus Des comes with fitted HANS post as standard.

Sizes: Extra Small to XXL