Personalised Motorsport Seat

At Motordrive we put your safety first

When deciding which seat model to buy, it is vital that you choose a seat to fit you, to fit the car and that you find comfortable. If you have a seat that does not fit you correctly then you risk your safety.  We are all different in shape and size and therefore one size of seat does not fit all. Example questions to ask yourself are; does your harness come directly across your shoulders onto your hans device, is your head in line with the seat’s head protection, is your body held tightly throughout the seat, is your spine supported, are your legs in their optimal position?

We can help you with your choices either in person, by phone or by email so please contact us.

By seeing you in person we can offer a complete fitting service whereby we advise on the seat models that work best with your body shape and then custom pad the shells to you individually. We cater for tall, short, big, small, growing or shrinking. We offer seat fittings at our showroom in Leyland or at various shows and events around the country throughout the year.

To ensure the right person is available to help with your seat fitting, please contact us in advance to make an appointment and we will try our very best to accommodate a time that works for you.

If you are unable to visit us in person for a seat fitting, please do not worry, just download, complete and return a seat measurement form and from the information you provide we will be able to offer you advice and deliver a seat that will work for you. We will provide you with experienced advice from a team who know motorsport and know about seat safety.

The Stig making himself comfortable in a Motordrive Seat

The following Motordrive seats are available in custom fit options: